The NUOVA IDROPRESS S.p.A. Vertical Block Moulding Machines are the result of a continual technological research & development and of many years of experience acquired in the realization of more than 600 Machines of this type beginning since far 1971.
We are proud of being able to say that WE INVENTED the vertical Block Moulding Machine more than 40 years ago and after years of debates and technical & commercial discussions, all the manufacturing competitors actually present on the market have also implemented the Vertical Block Mould to their previous technology of Horizontal Block Mould.

The way opened by us has always been based on technical reasons and precise physical principles that have been included in the operational forms of our machines, then optimized with all these years of experience matured on field in cooperation with our Customers.

The machines manufactured by NUOVA IDROPRESS S.p.A. undergo the rigid European certification PED that regulates the safety of the pressure vessels.

Undoubted advantages given from the vertical conformation of the mould are the uniformity of density due to the narrow filling section that prevents the material to separate and the low degree of residual humidity present in the blocks.
The possibility to compress the material during vaporization allows to mould even blocks containing high percentages of recycled EPS (up to 100%).
The exit of the block in vertical makes it ready for the transport and storage.
The single opening side of the machine together with the very stiff structure construction ensure a perfect seal for the pressure of the steam and vacuum. The stainless steel internal panels with differentiated cut perforations (the passage surface varies from a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 12%) ensure a uniform steam flow to all the areas of the block. They are obstructed with difficulty by the powder contained in the ground material or by the possible “dust” sometimes present in the raw material. This makes them optimal even for the moulding of blocks containing remarkable percentages of recycled material and moreover allows to limit in time the operations of dismantling for the steam chambers cleaning. The dimensions of the panels moreover the fixing system allow to carry out the dismantling of such plates in a very quick way and in complete safety.
The machines are managed by a PLC with operator interface on industrial PC (Panel brand), of Fanless type and 15” Touch Screen display. The state of all the parts of the machine is visualized on the supervision system, and a graphic is also present that visualizes the course of the sintering curve of the block and all the pressures in field. It is possible to memorize all the parameters of process in specific production “recipes”.

Other important characteristics of the Block Moulding machines of NUOVA IDROPRESS S.p.A. are:
  • The steaming optimization resulting from the wide experience acquired in the sector and easily practicable by means of the aid of proportional valves with electronic control. All this has allowed to considerably bring down the steam consumption (at rate the block mould with vacuum does not consume more than 7÷8 kg of steam / m3), to reduce the remaining humidity in the blocks (max 3÷4 %) and to contain the dimensions of the vacuum plant ensuring a more rational energy balance. The minimum density variation inside the block and the minor consumption of steam and vacuum, besides assuring a minor energy cost of management, also allows to produce blocks with minor internal tensions that consequently advantage the manufacturer as it is possible to remarkably reduce the seasoning time of the blocks before cutting them into sheets, assuring however the flatness of the panels required by the present market of products for external thermal insulation composite systems (ethics).
  • The productivity increase achieved by accelerating all the mechanical and hydraulic movements (of the filling valves, of the door, of the back-wall, of the block ejectors and of the mobile floor) of the machine with the purpose to produce up to 25 blocks / hour in case of medium-low densities.
  • The Density Automatic Control that allows to obtain blocks with the required dimension and density. This system calculates in automatic during every cycle the density of the material in arrival to the machine, then it effects the correction before moulding the block. All this ensures the possibility of producing series of blocks always having the same density compensating the possible differences present in the pre-expanded material or due to the stratification that can occur in the storage silo.
  • The multiple adjustments of the mould. In order to optimize always better the production of blocks in the necessary measure (therefore decreasing the production of scraps and increasing the flexibility) “a double adjustment” type of machine has been developed on which it is possible to vary (from PC) both the deepness and the height of the mould in a continuous way (millimetre per millimetre) and without steps on all the faces of the block, annulling the additional scraps.
  • The dry vacuum last of the revolutionary innovations presented by NUOVA IDROPRESS S.p.A. permits the block mould to work with a vacuum system that does not absolutely consume water. Practically such system, obtained by totally projecting again the principle of vacuum functioning in the block mould, keeps on using the liquid ring standard pumps for which the heated water is cooled in a closed circuit with an air heat exchanger that does not need any restore water; but most of all foresees the replacement of the conventional water condenser with a dry condenser in which hot gas are cooled and condensed by means of a forced ventilation. All this allows the plant to function without any cooling tower and without having to integrate fresh water into the circuit. The resulting advantages are considerable: the simplification of the plant that practically arrives already complete by the customer, the cost saving of evaporated water and of chemical solvents necessary for maintaining the water circuit clean, the possibility of obtaining vacuums very “pushed” in the block mould up to – 0,80 bar without having to “oversize” all the cooling plant, and finally the possibility to be able to benefit (during winter season) of hot air produced by the exchangers in order to be able to heat the work environment or the silos zone.
    The deep vacuum also allows to obtain more stabilized blocks reducing the seasoning time in storage; the complete absence of a water condenser in combination again with the deep vacuum remarkably lowers the residual humidity in the blocks allowing to increase speeds in cutting phase.
  • Zero emissions in Atmosphere with consequent noise and pollution reduction as well as Recovery of the residual Calories generated by the process of sintering of the Block by means of heat exchangers placed in various positions of the vacuum system increasing the already excellent performances in terms of environmental impact and energy saving of the Nuova Idropress Vertical Block Moulding Machines.
  • Introduction of all those additional accessories that allow the same block mould to transform both white and grey materials and are directed to accelerate and improve the cleaning cycles of the machines in the passage from a colour to another, complete the operational flexibility of the Nuova Idropress Vertical Block Moulding Machines.
  • Possibility to integrate stairs and footbridges onto the machines that allow to increase the safety during the operations of maintenance in height.

The nominal dimensions of the moulds of the block moulds are totally customized and vary from a minimum of 2.0 x 0.5 x 1.0 m up to a maximum of 10 x 1.4 x 2.5 m.

We underline in these last years the more frequent realization of machinery with considerable dimensions in width (up to 1.4 m.) in combination with considerable deepness (up to 2.5 m.) while regarding the heights we stabilize for the suitable rationalization of the resources in cutting phase on 5.0 – 6.0 meters.
The reliance placed first by the Customers and then confirmed by the excellent results gained by the manufacture of these types of “colossal” machines allow us to look at the future with an innovative and positive spirit.