The always more urgent necessity to recycle scraps of plastic materials and particularly the specific case of EPS scraps has led Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. to study and optimize a series of specific equipments:
The Pre-crusher (with an 80mm diameter screen) able to pre-grind scraps of considerable dimensions thanks to the action of teeth of big dimensions.

The Grinder (with interchangeable screen with holes between 30 and 15 mm of diameter) able to grind into small pieces pre-crushed material or material of intermediate dimensions (thickness until 120÷150 mm). The material exiting the grinder has already the optimal dimension for the Block production.
Peculiar characteristics of these machines is the silentness and the modest production of dust due to the low rotation speed of the two counter-rotary shafts.
For big quantities of material to recycle, maybe arriving from outside, even automatic feeding belts ca be supplied in order to facilitate the loading.

The following can also be supplied:
  • Grinding Fan: For reducing more the granulometry of the material already ground, Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. has developed a special fan, transforming it in a Grinding-Fran with interchangeable screen (from 15 to 6 mm of diameter). The material coming out from this grinding-fan has a very small diameter and is often used in the shape moulding machines too.
  • The Dedusting Plant: Plant used for extracting the dust present in the virgin and recycled materials. These particles of dust extracted are sent to a dust compactor or collected in polyethylene sacks. The material coming out will be sent to the block moulding machines or shape moulding machines free of the most fine dust particles avoiding clogging of the vaporization chambers of the subsequent machines.
  • Dust Compactor: It effects the compaction of the dust extracted from the deduster or of the dust created during the processing with rotating milling units. Provided of hydraulic system, it can compress the dust up to a density of 300 ÷ 500 grams/litre (various models available both for the grade of compression and for productivity) with the aim of remarkably reducing the volume and facilitating the disposal.
  • The mixing plant: formed by a minimum of 2 till a maximum of 5 steel archimedean screws which rotating speed is electronically controlled by means of an inverter, allows directly from the supervision programme of the Block Mould, to mix in the required percentages with absolute precision virgin and ground material ensuring an optimal mixture. It is possible on the mixing plants even to include systems of dust separation for the aim of dedusting also virgin materials (in particular grey ones) directly during the phases of mixing, combining a reduction both of the size of the machines and of the necessary investments if in case the use of specific machines should be required (as those used for ground material).

All the aforesaid plants are supplied in the various sizes for variable productivity from 15 to 80 m3 / h.