Thanks to the experience built in more than 40 years of presence in the plant engineering sector for expanded polystyrene Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. disposes of the necessary Know How for the design and realization of complete plants “turnkey” for the transformation and processing of EPS. Supplies of this type have already been sent to numerous countries worldwide.

Besides machinery of our production, the following accessories necessary for the completion of the plant are also supplied: Air compressors, Boilers and Steam Accumulators (strictly of Italian production), piping and valves for steam feeding from the generator to the utilizing machines, separators, accumulators and automatic discharges of the condensates.

In particular the necessary advice is given for the dimensions of the plant beginning from the requirements of the customer, carrying out the design and the study of the lay-out and supplying the technical support for the realization and installation in an excellent way for all the users.

Another key point for perfectly managing a plant is the pre-expanded and ground material flow: during the years Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. has realized numerous installations of this type.
Our silos management systems are characterized for: the excellent quality of the storage silos in trevira transpiring cloth, the perfect seal of the valves and pneumatic operation guillotines and the whole computerized management that allows to programme the filling and emptying in sequence of the various silos, the number of the expansions to carry out for the achievement of low densities, and ensures a continuous monitoring of the complete system (it is possible to know the contents of the various silos in real time).

Such system always more important in the control optic of production is entirely developed in our Software Office and is perfectly adapted to the specific situation of each customer. Due to the considerable flexibility of the system, with opportune changes, plants of material transport for moulding have been manufactured with remarkable success.

Metal silos for “outdoors” are also available, both for ground and for virgin material.

As regards to the movement of the blocks or of the finished products, between the various machines of the process and the storage (blocks and finished product) in a completely automatic way, Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. has signed an exclusive agreement for the EPS sector with an Italian specialized company in the construction of automatic carriages with laser guide that, appropriately equipped with pliers, are able to move up to 2 / 4 blocks per time, or 1 / 2 pallets per time. Such typology of plant results of notable flexibility as it does not need any masonry work and does not require the installation of any structure on and under the floor as the storage scheme is “mapped” in the PLC control software of the machine and the position of the carriage is noticed by a laser sensor installed on the same.

Therefore when the storage is empty the space results completely available.
Another advantage consists of having in real time a precise sight of the store on hand, blocks or pallets visualized on a coloured layout on the supervisor PC. This is possible because all the data of the blocks or of the pallets are automatically exchanged between the PC of the various machines, and the system that manages the automatic storage provides to store the products in the optimal position on the basis of specific algorithms (optimization of space, of the mission times, grouping of common item codes, amplitude of the production batches).

Once there are the appropriate conditions, the system will consign the seasoned blocks to the subsequent machines for the pressing and/or cut or will arrange movement of the pallets from the storage of finished products to the truck loading bays automatically optimizing the flow of the products through the various stages of the entire production cycle.