NUOVA IDROPRESS S.p.A. has adjusted and patented an innovative system for the tongue and grooving of packs of polystyrene sheets by means of hot wires. The contemporaneous tongue and grooving on the 4 sides without moving the sheets guarantee an absolute accuracy in squaring.

The advantages of the Tongue and groove cutting machines in comparison to the traditional milling cutter systems are remarkable:
  • Minimum volume in plant;
  • Very low noise level;
  • Complete absence of dust in the scraps that therefore can be recycled;
  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Minor investment of capitals for entering in the sector of the tongue and grooved sheets;
  • Considerable operative elasticity: the profile of the tongue and grooved side and the thickness of the sheets are programmed on the Computer without changing any tool.

The management of the axis depends on a PLC that by means of inverter moves the asynchronous motors. The operator interface is on an Industrial PC (brand Panel), Fanless type and 15” Touch Screen display.

A “manual” model of the machine is available in which the operator loads a pack of sheets to be squared and then the machine contemporaneously on 4 sides carries out the tongue and grooving-squaring. In this model even the operations of unloading and collection of scraps are totally manual. 

Models “more automatized” can be integrated instead of the down-cutter to the totally automatic cutting lines. These machines can be equipped even with a system for the automatic recycling of the scraps on 4 sides, systems of automatic positioning of the cutting wires, etc…

Due to precision reasons, the maximum length of the pack of sheets to be tongue and grooved is of 4 m.
Regarding the cutting programming, the operator must only select the type of tongue and groove side from the supervising programme on the PC and after insert the various dimensions required (thickness of the sheet, measures of the various sides….). The machine will measure the real height of the pack of sheets for then proceeding with the cutting of the figure that will be repeated on all the height of the pack taking in consideration the real medium thickness of each sheet.

Examples of standard tongue and grooving.