The cutting lines for sheets of NUOVA IDROPRESS S.p.A. also resulting from an acquired experience during the years (the first cutting line was manufactured in 1975) stand out fundamentally for the high grade of personalization.

Key point of the cutting machines production of NUOVA IDROPRESS S.p.A. is exactly the possibility to adapt and equip the machine in function of the specific requirements of the Customer so to supply not only a standard product to be adapted to the case, but a work tool specially designed and realized to give a high accuracy and the maximum efficiency. Under this point of view it is possible to automate the blocks loading on the line, the positioning of the cutting wires at the requested measure, the collection of the production scraps, and all that is the line end (printing, labelling, packing, palletization…….).

Depending on the Customers’ requirements it is possible to prepare even economic lines with many of the operations left to the operator, and lines more and more automated in which the only function of control is left to man able to supply productivities always more elevated. Obviously the different level of automation does not undermine the cutting precision and quality of the various basic stations, but only the number of people required for making the machine function and for the productivity of the same.

The plants are managed by a PLC with an operator interface on an Industrial PC (Panel brand), of Fanless type and 15” Touch Screen display. The state of all the parts of the machine is visualized on the supervision system.
It is possible to memorize all the processing parameters in specific production “recipes” that follow the block from the initial station till the final station of the line in a completely automatic way facilitating and accelerating the setting phases of each station for every new production campaign.Depending on the dimensions of the machine, one or more computerized control stations are foreseen located along the line with the possibility of interface among the same.

Salient peculiarities of Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. cutting lines are:
  • Cutting system with hot/oscillating wires – thanks to the mechanic effect due to the high frequency oscillation (up to 1.450 osc./min.) it is possible to cut with wires at a lower temperature compared to the conventional only electric heating systems. This improves both the quality and the precision of the cut surfaces besides considerably diminishing the material consumption. The wires utilized have a diameter of 0,35 mm. and this allows to contain the material consumption that does not exceed 0,5 mm.
  • Downcutter-Tongue & Grooving machine – for those markets where important quantities of grooved sheets are required, it is possible to foresee the insertion in replacement of the classic down-cutting station of an innovative Downcutter-Tongue & Grooving machine. Such station can be carried out for blocks with length up to 4 m., as the groove cut is done with hot wires and not with milling systems that would generate a lot of dust and present noise problems. It is possible with such station to carry out both the classic sectioning of the block in its length (cut of the block in packs of standard sheets) and the grooving of the packs of sheets (contemporaneously to the cut in length of the block) both on 2 and on 4 faces upon choice. The station can also be equipped with a special system of scraps collection by suction that allows the automatic recover of the lateral scraps even in case of the groove cutting.
  • Speed electronic control – allows the machine to work always at the maximum of its possibilities. The forwarding speed of the block during cutting is automatically adjusted in function of the material density and humidity characteristics.
  • Automatic positioning of the cutting wires and rollers - there is the possibility to equip the various cutting stations with automatic positioning systems of the cutting wires in order to optimize the flexibility and productivity of the machine. Besides, even a system of automatic positioning of the rollers on the down-cutters has been prepared to eliminate automatically any interference with the cutting wires after their positioning. Such devices allow to lower the downtimes of cutting configurations change, to eliminate the possibilities of human error and to improve the operators’ safety conditions that are not obliged anymore to enter into the protected zones.
  • Plants for the automatic forming of pallets (stacks of packets) - Due to the increase of use of blocks with dimensions always bigger, it is important, after the cut into sheets, to be able to automate the operation of packs forming (destacking), their subsequent packing / marking and for last the formation of pallets for loading on truck. The wide experience achieved even in these fields allow us to supply to the Customer a complete packet “turnkey” under our full responsibility. Thus for satisfying the trend of these last years for important Customers that ask us to solve the problem at all around service.In detail all this is actuated by various machines that:
    - Form packs of required height starting from any height of block in entry by de-stacking a bigger block.
    - Separate the upper sheets of the block, if of different measure.
    - Manage possible “rests”, if the block is not an exact multiple of the pack.
    - Pack each sheet packet.
    - Mark the single sheets and apply labels containing the data of the pack.
    - Palletize the packs in variable layers using anthropomorthous robots or palletizers of Cartesian type according to the necessities of the Application.
    - Wrap the final pallet composed of various packs with extensible film or add hot melt glue between the various layers.
    - Apply eps skids under the pallets in order to be able to move them with fork-lifts.

Supervision for centralized production recipe management - for the more complete machines there is the possibility of memorizing a recipe in the PC of the first station of the line containing all the adjustment parameters of the whole machine. These parameters follow the block from the initial station till the final station of the line in a completely automatic way.