The Shape Cutting machines with hot wires for the cut of shapes with 2 and 3 axis produced by Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. present some interesting novelties: in order to make the machine maintenance always easier and at the reach of a major number of technicians, it was decided to install on the machines motorizations and control systems more standard. As well known, the functioning principle of the machine with 2 axis is based on the contemporaneous movement of a conveying belt on which the blocks are laid (horizontal movement - axis x) and of a wire-holder frame (vertical movement – axis y).

The movement now depends on asynchronous motors equipped of inverter directly controlled by the same PLC that runs the normal programming of the machine: therefore both the numeric control and the brushless type motorizations have been eliminated. All this allows to leave unchanged the standard of precision in the movement of the conveyor belt and of the wire-holder frame, releasing though the machine from the use of motors and control systems of difficult availability on the market and for which is necessary the employment of purposely trained technicians for the programming operations.

Even the automatic positioning of the wires in the cutting stations has been optimized and made remarkably faster than the previous (for positioning 30 wires 2,0 minutes are necessary). Such system allows to install on the same frame up to 100 horizontal wires. The blocking of the wire-holder aluminium ring nuts is now of pneumatic type.

Also for this typology of product as for the cutting lines for flat sheets, the strong point of Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. consists in customizing the machine in basis of the specific requirements of the customers as much as in the useful cutting dimensions (width up to 4 meters – block thickness up to 2,5 meters and lengths up to 8 meters) that in the automation of the various operations such as the tilting / centring of the block, the positioning upon measure of the cutting wires, the recycling of the cutting scraps, the possibility of inserting squaring stations, horizontal – shaped combined cutting stations for the cut of special pieces, etcetera.

The machines are managed by a PLC with operator interface on an Industrial PC (Panel brand), Fanless type and 15” Touch Screen display.

The software design ContourCad installed on the PC has been purposely developed by the engineers of Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. putting their long experience to good use in the sector of shaped cutting and trying as always to reply to the customers’ expectations.

Some key elements of this software are:
  • The simplicity of use.
  • The possibility of optimizing the cutting profile for reducing the scrap to minimum, Through the automatic calculation of the useful volumes.
  • The integration of the piece production data in the design file (cutting speed, block dimensions, density, etc.) and the information on the costs for its production.
  • The storage of the data regarding day closing / of production period.
  • The possibility to read DXF files created with Cad standard programmes.
  • The possibility to compose in an immediate and automatic way special profiles, such as writings, coverings, etc.
  • The storage and fast recovery of the drawings carried out, without number limits.
  • The possibility to prepare a drawing while the machine is cutting another one.
  • The possibility to install the software on a PC of the office without additional costs.
  • The complete compatibility with the previous software versions of Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A., with the aim of exchanging design files with other existing NIP shape cutting machines.